Echo of an Echo of an Echo

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Echo of an echo of an echo

Fall, 2016 • NYU/Gallatin School of Individualized Study • NYU Gallatin Dancers/Choreographers Alliance

 “Echo of an Echo of an Echo” explores themes of identity and its construction. The work is grounded in the quotation from Italo Calvino’s “The Road to San Giovani” presented at the beginning of the video. The quotation and piece examine the realization that one’s projected and internalized self has become only echoes of the people who surround oneself. To discover one’s fundamental self, one must first break apart this identity into its parts, then laboriously piece it back together with the components that are truly one’s own. The choreography was devised through improvisational exercises and scores with the dancers and cellist.

Dancers:   Emma Bigelow, Francesca Gallo, Natalie Lee, Ayaka Tham, Lauren Wooten
Cellist:       Krysta Hyppolite

Performed Saturday, December 10, 2016 at the Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts.

Photos by Em Watson.