Now, Do That

Now, do that


Fall, 2017 • Brown University • College Hill Dancers/Choreographers Alliance

“Now, Do That” is a scored exploration of structure, visibility, rules, choice-making, and environment-building. Dancers generated their own movement within established constraints, moving between set structures at-will through audible cues. The piece’s scores were designed partly around common dance improvisation exercises, drawings created by the dancers in response to their experiences improvising movement, and movement themes of interest to the choreographer. The nature of the overarching score allowed dancers to layer structures and vary their pace of switching between cues to create entirely unique performances. The piece is the first stage of a site-specific dance installation, The Denizens, which premiered in spring 2018.

Dancers:   Anna Bjella, Julianna Lee Marino, Sylvie Mayer, Claire Hawkins, Kelly He
Audio:       "ASMR Writing With a Pencil" video sound • ASMRSurge (Youtube)

Performed Wednesday, December 6, 2017 in Ashamu Dance Studio at Brown University. Video recorded during dress rehearsal on Monday, December 4, 2017.

Photos by Wasita Mahaphanit