The Denizens

The denizens: an improvisatory, site-specific, dance installation

Photo by Timothy Mueller-Harder

Photo by Timothy Mueller-Harder

Spring, 2018 • Brown University • College Hill Dancers/Choreographers Alliance

"The Denizens" was an improvised, site-specific work which unfolded in three parts within Brown University's Watson Institute. The Denizens immersed both audience members and dancers in the architecture, light, sounds, and textures of the Watson building through a 45-minute dance performance/installation. The audience was invited to move freely through the spaces with the dancers and act as participant observers in the performance – thus becoming part of the piece themselves. Improvised sound produced by a cellist and dancers (the latter as verbal and acoustic utterances) mingled with movement to transform this everyday, institutional space into a platform for storytelling and relationship-building. Together, dancers and audience members discovered new ways of experiencing, inhabiting, and defining place and space through improvisation.

"Scores are symbolizations of processes which extend over time...I saw scores also as a way of communicating these processes over time and space to other people in other places at other moments and as a vehicle to allow many people to enter into the act of creation together, allowing for participation, feedback, and communications."

Lawrence Halprin, "The RSVP Cycles"


Dancers:   Anna Bjella, Emily Pham, Julianna Lee Marino, Kelly He, Sylvie Mayer
Cellist:       Reika Hiroi
Costumes: Emilia Mann

Performed Sunday, April 22, 2018 at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University.

Photos by Timothy Mueller-Harder and Francesca Gallo.